-East Lake Commons





Winner- World Habitat Award 2000
Leichestershire, England
Winner- AIA HUD 2001
Housing and Community Design Award


Property Area

Land Preserved

# Units

Developer Entity

Home Ownership

Home Prices


Services Provided

Dekalb County, 4 miles from downtown Atlanta

20 Acre,

12 Acres, 60% of Site


East Lake Commons Inc.: Non-Profit

Fee Simple w/ HOA

$90,000 to $225,000

All 67 units closed as of December, 2000

Programming, Zoning, Master Plan, Site Plan, Schematic design of homes and community buildings, landscape planning, and community workshops.


Sustainability Features
Land Preservation, pedestrian layout, shared resources, storm water filtration and retention, centralized parking, organic gardens, HOA owned assets to be shared.


The second cohousing community planned by Village Habitat Design in Georgia, East Lake Commons is located in a reemerging area of Atlanta.

The 20 acres were zoned for duplexes on 7500 sq. ft. lots. A zoning variance allowed for the entire 67 homes to be placed on less than 1/2 of the land. The other 60% will be gardens, woodland, pond, and play field.

The pedestrian layout of the community is an important feature. The safety and security of the residents is increased by keeping the cars at the periphery. Playing children will not be threatened by auto traffic. Visitors to the community will be visible to the residents. The generous courtyards, plazas, and lanes provide pleasant recreation and gathering places for residents of all ages.

The active residents' group has been instrumental in all phases of marketing and developing the project. They have brought a tremendous amount of energy, expertise, and community focus.