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Franklin, N.C.
Property Area
50 acres,
Land Preserved
43 acres preserved,
# Units
47 homes, 16 room Bed & Breakfast

Design Phase
Market Features
Village: 32 homes, Community building, Village Green, community plaza
Farm: 25 acres including 20 acres of pasture, 5 acres vegetable gardens, Barn, 3 home
farm hamlet
Crafts Village: 12 Live work homes with community crafts center
Bed & Breakfast: 16 guest rooms, dining facilities, educational and conference retreats.
Ecological Features
85% greenspace preservation, Farm and woodland.
Stream restoration, storm water treatment.
Community Features
Walkable, shared greenspace, community building,

This Conservation Community will be located 5 minutes North of Franklin, North Carolina within the area of the Nantahala National Forest. Its village oriented design will minimize the human impact on the picturesque site. More than half of the land area will be preserved in its natural state or as farmland, for the benefit of all.

The Franklin Commons Community will feature traditionally styled courtyard homes.
The arrangement of the townhouses will be more dense than a typical suburban development. This density allows on one hand a higher level of community
interaction, and on the other a greater percentage of green space left intact for the
benefit of all.

Amenities Will Include:

  • A Crafts Hamlet with the Possibility for Studios
  • A Bed and Breakfast on the Property
  • A Stormwater Retention Feature and Pond and Commercial Space
  • The option to incoporate a Community Supported Agriculture program and to hire a farmer to manage it